Rustica in Northern Liberties

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Lastweek I went to Pizza Rustica (it’s next door to Standard Tap) with quizzo regular, comedian, and Andy Reid impersonator Steve Odabashian. The place had a lot of potential, and the pizza slices looked terrific. On top of that, they had all of the ingredients necessary for a suicude. I dunno if you guy sever had suicides, but we always used to get them at the concession stand after our little league basbeall games. They were a dangerous drink, and usually only the 11 and 12 year olds had the guts to get them. 9 and 10 year olds simply didn’t have the psychological make up to handle a risky concoction of Coke, Sprite, and Sunkist, poured into the cup in equal measure. Well, Rustica had all the necessary flavors at their fountain. Sadly, however, the orange was flat, so I had to go hari kari with my suicide and refill with a plain Coke. As for the pizza itself, I dunno, it was weird. Too crunchy or something. I went Rochester style on it (using blue cheese on pizza), but to no avail. I wasn’t feeling it. Here were Steve’s thoughts:
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I’ve eaten here before and I have definitely had better. The pizza was kind of crunchy (but then again, so are grape nuts). Maybe the pieces I had (chicken and pepper, pepperoni) were sitting out for a while. I don’t eat pizza all that much anymore, and I had barely eaten during the day. So, the combination of those two circumstances should have worked in the pizza’s favor. However, I was disappointed. The pieces were big, if that’s any consolation. 2 pepperonis out of 5. When I start eating pizza again, I will give Rustica another try. Like I said, I’ve eaten there before and it’s usually better.
Wo am I to argue with a man who looks uncommonly similar to Philly’s favorite Mormon? 2 pepperonis it is.