odds and ends

Hey peeps. You missed a hell of a night of Rock Paper Scissors at the Khyber last night. It was damn fun, although I was eliminated in the first round. It came down to the last throw. I had tried to psyche out my opponent, telling him I was going to throw scissors, which I then did. He threw them also. I then told him I was going to throw paper. I thought he would believe me and throw scissors. Then I would double back and get him with rock. But he was apparently hip to my game, as he shocked me with paper and sent me off a loser. The bartender made an amazing comeback in the finals to win.

In other news, voting has begun for Daneen and Graham. Please vote for them for the 10! shows ultimate wedding.

And finally, a happy birthday to former Roman Emperor Septimius Severus. I don’t know anything about him, but his name sounds funny, especially if you try to say it with a lisp.