Dolce Carini

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On friday I went to Dolce Carini (1929 Chestnut) with Trivia Art and Matt Eison of the notorious WTF crew. I’ve had the cheesesteaks there before, and they’re really good, so I figured the pizza would be good as well. I was right. The had lots of choices. I started with the taco pizza. Beef, sour cream, nacho chips, the whole shebang. The taste was awesome, although it could have been a little warmer coming out of the oven. Then, per Matt’s suggestion, I went back for the cheesesteak pie. Good suggestion. The slice had nice big chunks of cheesesteak, and very juicy peppers and onions.
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Here were Matt’s thoughts:
Today, I had the extreme pleasure of meeting up with Johnny and his roommate at Dolce Carini’s for pizza slices. I opted for a slice of the cheesesteak pizza and a slice of the chicken, tomato, and pesto. I’d have to say the pizza met expectations, and may have even been above average. The ingredients were fresh, and the cheesesteak slice was good enough to deserve the Philly name. Dolce Carini makes no pretense about being gourmet, which is actually another reason I like the place. I’d definitely go there again. I’ll give my slices 4 out of 5 pepperoni’s, which is kind of ironic, considering that neither of my slices had any pepperoni on them.
I highly recommend this place. It gets three and a half pepperoni’s!