Congratulations Stacie!

Stacie was the winner of the 2nd annual JGT Bracket Spectacular by virtue of having UCLA in the final game. I don’t think anyone in our pool had Florida in the Final Four, much less winning the whole thing. As for me, I felt kind of bad for winning last year, so I decided I would do really, really poorly this year. Mission accomplished! I finished 28th out of 37 teams. Peep My Popesack finished in last with a 33. She did not have a single team correct in the final 8. My favorite team name of the whole thing was “The Knicks Are an 11 Seed”. Stacie wins a $50 gift certificate to Barrister’s. We’ll have to have some sort of tiebreaker for 2nd, as Niederdeppe and Pauly O both finished with 70.