Celebre’s Pizza

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Now, I know what you people are thinking: Johnny, as an international mega-star, I’m sure you have hot dates each and every Saturday night with gorgeous models. And you’re right. Why just this past Saturday night I was out with international diva Triviana Hart (above, you should really click for the close up to appreciate her full beauty) at Celebre’s Pizza (1536 Packer, in the same shopping center as Chickie and Pete’s). Now when we showed up, we realized that the Flyers had a home game that night, so we were going to have to share the restaurant with a bunch of Neanderthals (aka Flyers fans). After a short wait, we got our seat. But the two waitresses were obviously overmatched by the huge crowd, and nobody even said hello to us for the fifteen minutes. Finally, we got our order taken. Here’s Triviana’s take:
Celebre’s is classic South Philadelphia pizza. You know the type, where everyone calls you hon. We were there with a big pre-Flyers crowd so we had to wait longer than usual for a table and to order. But that transgression was forgiven when we received our piping hot half pepperoni, half roasted pepper pizza. Both halves were very good, the pepperoni had some crisp edges, a necessity in my mind. The roasted peppers add a nice touch to the tasty string cheese and ample tomato sauce. The crust is thin and soft for the most part but there is some crunch as well. All in all it was an excellent pizza and I give it 3.5 pepperonis.
Triviana was right about the pizza. It was excellent. And I really liked the whole South Philly feel of the place. Having been a server, I know what it’s like to get slammed by a crowd at one time, and the server we had was fine, she was just too far in the weeds. But they shoulda had more people on the floor. Had we gotten excellent service, this place mighta gotten four pepperoni’s. But it’s still worth checking out, especially if you have a date with an international supermodel.