You Be the DJ Contest!!!

Here it is, folks. JGT’s first ever “You Be the DJ” Contest. Here’s how it works. The first seven people to send me an email (if, for some reason, that link doesn’t work for you, you can hit me up at with the subject headline “I Wanna Be DJ” get to play music between rounds this week (via ipod, mp3 player, or CD player. No turntables, please)). I am going to take seven people, one at each quizzo locale in Philly (Yes, that includes you, Dive!) So in your email you can tell me which place you wanna DJ, but keep in mind, your chances are better if you say “All”. Then keep track of your set list on the night you getz buzy. We will post each contestant’s set lists on the website on friday and vote for which one is best. Whoever wins gets a $40 gift certificate to the Devil’s Alley.