Wow, what an amazing night of basketball. First, me and pretty much every guy at Good Dog quizzo ran upstairs after round three to see the end of the Duke game, a game that was enjoyable because those dirty dogs didn’t just lose. They quit. My boys from West Virginia did not quit, however, making a stirring comeback in the final 20 seconds that concluded with my main man Pittsnogle, bloodied but unbowed, hitting a three with 5 seconds left. The crowd at the Bards went wild, and I jumped into the air and then took off running with my fist pumped. I turned and looked back at the screen, however, in time to see that kid from Texas hit that ridiculous three pointer at the buzzer to dash my hopes and my bracket. It reminded me so much of Lucas hitting that three against St. Joes. I was trying to regain my emotional equilibrium, trying to come to grips with the fact that I would never see Pittsnogle in a West Virginia uniform again, when all of a sudden the Gonzaga game got interesting. UCLA made a miraculous comeback (actually, a more apt description would be total choke by Gonzaga). UCLA with the steal and layup, the Bulldogs getting off a last shot that would have won it. No good. Adam Morrisson falling to the ground in tears. Man, this is the best month of the year.