Mama Palma’s

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Headed to Mama Palma’s on Friday with several young ladies from the Spanish Pantalonies. Let’s get down to business. The service was good Philly style service. The waiter had a smart mouth, but he was fun and funny. The Coke’s were fizzy and non-chalky. We quickly established that we were going to be annoying, asking for pizza with half one thing, half the other, getting blue cheese for our pizza, etc. Blue cheese? Yeah, two of the girls are from Rochester, and they claim that it’s a Rochester thing. I guess it’s their big claim to fame. Philly gave us the Constitution, Rochester gave us blue cheese on pizza. Anyways, it was a good call, as the blue cheese was a nice touch. I may be kickin’ it Rochester style on future pizza outings. So despite our badgering, the waiter stayed cool, and brought us out our pizza’s. One was a sausage and artichoke heart job, the other was a crab and asparagus pizza. To me, the artichoke pizza was kind of “Eh”, but the crab and asparagus was mindblowing. Without question, the best pizza I’ve had yet. It was a flavor that just got better the more you ate of it. I ended up eating six slices in all. Then, as I was deciding whether or not to eat the seventh, our waiter brought us out some tiramisu…on the house! The tiramisu was downright dreamy. Hold on, let me think of a word less lame than dreamy. No, no, ok nevermind. It was dreamy. Here’s what the others thought.
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First up is Jenny (3rd from right, hidden by JGT’s enormous head): 3 pepperoni for the pizza. Fresh ingredients including the excellent crab meat proved very enjoyable. .5 pepperoni for the lack of dirty looks when asked for a side of blue cheese and 1 cherry on top for the scrumptious (and complimentary) tiramisu! That’s 3.5 pepperoni and 1 cherry. I can do that, right? Next up we have Renee (2nd from left): I especially liked the sausage and artichoke heart pizza. The crust was also nice and crunchy and not too thick (a plus in my book). The prices were reasonable. And then of course they get bonus points for the free tiramisu. Finally, we have Amy (far right): Unlike my co-pizza devourers, I wasn’t swayed by the free tiramisu that our waiter delivered at the end. Gave up sweets for lent, so this is an unbiased run-down of Mama Palma’s pizza. Mama’s has an excellent selection ofgourmet creations, offering up combinations that you wouldn’t normally put together yourself. This is nice, it forces adventure. I thought that the Artichoke & Sausage pizza was solid: nice, crumbled sausage, good sauce and a crunchy crust. The Crab & Asparagus pizza, though, took the prize. Props for the big chunks of crab, the big strips of asparagus and fresh lemon slices to squeeze. All in all? I’d give it 4 out of 5 pepperonis. But I’m no expert. . .
Well, I am an expert, Amy, and I’m going to agree with you. That’s right, JGT is handing out his first four pepperoni pizza! Feel free to drop your own two cents on Mama’s below.