Joe’s Pizza

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Went to Joe’s Pizza (16th Street between Walnut and Sansom) on Tuesday with my man D-Mac from Philadelphiawilldo. First off, the ordering process at Joe’s challenges Pat’s steaks in intimidation. Surly looking Italian people give you a hard stare as they wait for you to place your order, letting you know that your diddling is costing them and everyone behind yuo in line valuable time. But Joe’s isn’t known for it friendliness, it’s known for it’s pizza. I got two slices. I started with a bruschetta slice. Big chunks of sliced tomato and mozzarella on top of a regular slice. It went down quickly, and I started on slice number two. It was a variation of the “Hawaiian pizza” theme, with pineapple and pepperoni instead of ham. This, this was the best slice I’ve had so far. The pineapple was juicy, the pepperonis brought a little kick that I don’t think you get from ham. The ambiance of the place has also improved since they rebuilt after the fire last year. Still a sort of generic pizzeria, but the red booths make the place seem much less “cafeteria-ish” than it used to. They also gave me a chance to invent the word cafeteriaish. Here is D-Mac’s take: I’ll give Joe’s 3 pepperonis out of 5. I know lots of people love the place, but I wouldn’t put it in my Top 5. It’s kind of hit or miss, and sometimes overcooked. Nonetheless, the cheese is good, the slices aren’t too greasy or cheesy. (Cheesy meaning “too much cheese that slides off” not “lame” — but the slices aren’t lame, either.) I liked it a little more than D-Mac did. I’m gonna give it the illustrious three and a half pepperoni mark (out of 5). Alright, now I’m off to NYPD pizza. I’ll have a report this afternoon.