In Virginia for the weekend

I woke up Saturday morning with a burning desire to get out of town. So I hopped in my car and drove home to Virginia. It’s been a great, relaxing, and much needed vacation. Made prank calls Saturday night, went kayaking Sunday morning with one of my best friends from childhood, and picked up my Southern accent the moment I got here. Unfortunately for you people, I also leave the accent here when I return to the city. Too bad. You’d love it. Anyways, so I’m a little late with the set lists for our guest DeeJays, which I’ll have up on Monday. I’ll also get the basketball tourney brackets up as soon as possible. Winner gets a $50 from your tournament basketball headquarters, Barristers. And I think we might have a lot of fun this week as well, but first I gotta talk to my lawyer. Hope everybody had a great weekend. Gotta roll. Grey’s Anatomy is on.