Darth Ern’s fearless Oscar Predictions

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Darth Ern, one of the biggest legends in the history of the sport, is a major movie buff. And so, this year, for the second straight year, I have asked him to handicap this year’s Oscar’s. Here is his report:
Best Picture
In the last 39 years the movie with the most nominations has won Best Picture 35 times. Three of the four that didn’t starred (Bonnie & Clyde; Reds; and Bugsy) starred Warren Beatty. The other was last year’s The Aviator. I thought Crash was the Best Picture of the year. Capote and Munich also made my top 10. Unfortunately, despite it’s good acting, I thought Brokeback Mountain was pretty bad. Once you get past the gay relationship what you’re left with is two deadbeats who cheat on their wives and neglect their kids. But the Academy gave Best Picture to a stinker like American Beauty and they’ll give it to another stinker this year.

Best Actor
I thought Phillip Seymour Hoffman gave the Best Performance (I didn’t see Terrence Howard but I’m sure he was good). I think the Academy will give it to Hoffmann.

Best Actress
Reese Witherspoon. I thought Charlize Theron and Felicity Huffman were better. By the way: Am I the only one that thinks Judi Dench can get a nomination just for reading the want ads out loud?

Best Supporting Actor
I’d give it to Matt Dillon but the Academy will give it to Paul Giamatti. That’ll be their way of saying we’re sorry we didn’t nominate you for “Sideways’ and “American Splendor.”

Best Supporting Actress
Rachel Weisz. Only because SAG gave it to her. I didn’t see Amy Adams but I thought Frances McDormand, Michelle Williams and Catherine Keener were better.

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