The 10! Show

Hey gang, just got back from the Loews Hotel. Had a lot of fun doing the TV thing. Miss America was actually a lot cooler than I thought she would be. She had a really great sense of humor. Of course, I think my 15 minutes of fame will be a footnote to the much larger story. In case you missed it, MIss America carries her crown around in a wooden box. At one point during the show, Bill Henley said, “Nice box, Miss America.” I’m not kidding. It was just so wonderful to be a part of tv history.

Yeah, I asked her if she had a boyfriend, and sadly, she does. Bill Henley was pretty cool, and the whole thing was remarkably easy going. It was a little tricky to get a word in sometimes, because Bill is so quick on the draw, but you can’t really have any down time on live TV, so he has to be. I thought there would be a lot more stress, but everybody just sort of jokes around during commercials, and there were no real emergenices. Got to tell my Iverson story to a wider audience, so that was pretty sweet. When it was done, there wasn’t a lot of fanfare. “Hey, nice job. Don’t forget your trophy.” Miss America said she was gonna stick around so I could get a photo with her, but she was gone by the time I got done. Story of my life. I finally meet Miss America, and she stands me up. Heartbreaking.