Rock n’ Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution

Looks like somebody has been taking writing lessons from ol’ Bobby Badtimes. This is a pretty freaking hilarious entry of what being in rock band is really like (I mean I did, after all, open for Super Diamond, so I know a little something about the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle) from the bass player for Philly funk band The Blue Method. He’s talking about a venue in NYC. Here’s a sample:
And you would think that a band that agreed to play for five f*** hours on a saturday night in the middle of a blizzard over an hour from home would get some kind of billing out front on the giant, mostly vacant marquis but, tragically, you’d be wrong.
We stepped in to see that the “stage” and “backline” were not quite what we expected. The stage was so small, we literally couldn’t fit on it. A bunch of equipment had to be situated on the floor in front of the stage, and we all had to stand in specific positions all night in order to a.)avoid causing the “sound system” from grossly feeding back due to the lack of a competent sound man, or rather, any soundman, and b.)keep from wacking each other in the head with headstocks, microphones and other instruments.