Quizzo in D.C.

The following report comes from former Defective Sidewalker Hilary Swankie, who is now an official JGT correspondant in Washington DC. She played DC quizzo last night. Here is her report:
So I went to “trivia night” last night. For starters, they call it trivia
night, not quizzo. I was with 2 former Philly people who were similarly
distraught about the lame name. It was completely disorganized, they had
three, I repeat, THREE, people hosting, checking answers, etc, there was no
music between rounds, their jokes weren’t funny, and it was seven (and again I must repeat SEVEN) rounds. I could go on and on. Now, my team came in 3rd but if they were smart and made each round worth more points (which they should have because they got increasingly harder), we would have killed. But instead they were lame and not funny. Not saying I won’t go back again but I will say, it ain’t no Johnny Goodtimes quizzo.