Happy President’s Day, Everybody

Well, yet another joyous President’s day is before us, and knowing that we have one of the best ever in office right now just sends goosebumps up the spine. But we have to think about the ones who came before him. Let’s start off with a compendium of little known “facts” about each president that are pretty hilarious. Of course it’s important that we honor our fourteen lost presidents today as well, the unfortunate souls who led our country when all we had was those crappy Articles of Confederation (I mean, seriously, who’s brainchild were they?) And let’s not forget my main man, David Rice Atchison (above), prez for a day. Oh, and more importantly, Grey’s Anatomy was really good last night. I think I wrote it off a little too soon. But Desperate Housewives is really getting boring. I mean, seriously, when your entire plotline is about babysitting, it’s time to re-evaluate.