Finally! A politician with vision!

This story rules! Alright, 19 year old dude runs for town council under the platform of “Less police officers”. A month after he loses, he robs a bank. He’s caught, then he escapes from the courthouse and disappears in Harrisburg. Let’s take these facts one at a time. First, did he run for city council in the hopes that he would get the police force reduced, and then rob the bank with a 50% less chance of getting caught? If so, this guy is a freaking genius. I guess after the loss, he was like, “Screw it. I’m robbing the bank anyway.” So he does it, gets caught, and then figures out an escape plan, complete with getaway car (getaway cars rule!) And he’s 19 years old? I don’t like to use the phrase wunderkind, but that’s what we may have here. Then he flees to the state capital. Will he try, against all odds, to revive his career there by giving an impassioned address on the capital floor, a la jimmy Stewart in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”? Stay tuned!