5 Quick Questions with the Hungry Hungry Hebrew

The Hungry Hungry Hebrew is making history this week, becoming the first person to ever compete in both Quizzo Bowl and Wing Bowl. His team, Wormser’s A Real Whiz At Aerodynamics, finished an impressive 6th at Quizzo Bowl, which really isn’t all that surprising, considering that Triple H was a 3 time winner on Jeopardy in 2001. He made his entry into Wing Bowl by eating two pounds of gefilte fish, which you can learn more about by clicking here. But he’s in Wing Bowl for more than just the glory. He’s also raising donations for an organization he started with other young Philadelphians, including former Eagle Cecil Martin, called Brotherly Love for New Orleans, and he is asking people to donate money for each wing he eats tommorrow. Here are his five questions:
1. What’s your favorite restaurant in Philadelphia?
Old Original Bookbinder’s and Maccabeam

2. Which is more challenging, quizzo or competitive eating?
Certainly a different kind of challenge. Perhaps competitive eating, since one can’t rely on teammates the way one can in Quizzo. And it certainly takes a (temporary) toll on one’s body.

3. Who are your favorite cartoon characters?
Yosemite Sam (in general I love passionate and enthusiastic people) and Wile E. Coyote (very admirable perseverance).

4. Have you ever eaten wings at seven in the morning before?
Not before getting my Wing Bowl training underway!

5. If you could eat a 72 oz. steak with any two Philadelphians, past or present, who would they be and why?
Haym Solomon – from during Revolutionary War period — oh wait, inevitably you know that! –first real Jewish Philadelphia hero (could the steak be kosher?). Reggie White – incredibly generous and warm-hearted star player on my favorite sports team. Passed away far too soon. Plus he’d inevitably be of greater assistance than Mr. Solomon in helping me finish that steak.