Tonight’s Da Night

Alright gang, well this is it. If you have team members who have not yet paid, please tell them to order their tickets online asap! That way, they are guaranteed a spot at your table. Tell them what you table number is, so they can order at the right table. Remember, max team size is eight. The schedule we will be following (loosely) is below. It is possible it could be a little off, but this is what we’re aiming for. Also, after careful deliberation, Johnny Goodtimes has decided NOT to rap at tonight’s event.

Quizzo Bowl Schedule
6:00 p.m. Doors Open
6:30 p.m. Philadelphia Bluegrass Band
7:00 p.m. Johnny comes on, Raps, explains rules
7:05 p.m. Round One Begins
7:20 p.m. Round One Ends , Nate Wiley Begins
7:35 p.m. Round Two Begins
7:50 p.m. Round Two Ends, Intermission
8:00 p.m. Magician
8:20 p.m. Magician Ends, Round Three begins
8:35 p.m. Round Three Ends, Nate Wiley Begins
8:50 p.m. Round Four Begins
9:05 p.m. Round Four Ends, Nate Wiley Begins
9:20 p.m. Winners Announced
9:30 p.m. Shows over