The Set List, Updated

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A guy on Dork Sided at O’Neals had a kool idea last week. He said, “Why don’t you post your set lists on the website sometimes?” So I think I might occasionally post a list of the songs I play between rounds of quizzo and give you a few facts about some of the performers. The following is my set list from the Bards last night.
Big Rock Candy Mountain: A strange starter. It was a quiet night last night, and I was feeling kind of mellow. The song was originally recorded in 1928 by Harry “Haywire Mac” McClintock.
Black Dog by Led Zeppelin: I was, like everybody else in the known world, a pretty big fan of Led Zep in high school. Don’t play much of ’em at quizzo, but came across this on the ipod and it seemed like a good call. Black Dog is a slang term for clinical depression.
How Many MCs Must Get Dissed? by Black Moon: This group’s debut album, Enta da Stage, released in 1992, is considered a classic. An actual Black moon occurs when there is no new moon in a calendar month. The next one will occur in February 2014.

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Guantanamara by Wyclef. The Fugees, who started the group while friends in high school, are expected to come out with a new album in early 2006. Wyclef was a cab driver before his music career took off. The original song Guantanamara(the girl from Guantanamo) is one of the most famous songs ever recorded in Cuba.
High Tide or Low Tide by Bob Marley: I absolutely love this song. I actually prefer the version that Ziggy does, but I don’t have that dowloaded. Bob might have lived longer, because when the cancer that would take his life was diagnosed, it was only in his toe. But Bob refused to have the toe amputated due to his Rastafarian beliefs, and the cancer spread. Time magazine named “Exodus” as the greatest album of the 20th century.
Monument by Busta Rhymes and the Wu Tang: Most of you know that I have feelings for the Wu-Tang that are about as strong as my feelings for Johnny Cash. Though the group has never been able to quite live up to it’s debut masterpiece, Enter the 36 Chambers, they still have released a lot of great music. The name of the group comes from the Wudang (or Wu-Tang) Mountains in the Hubei province of China, which are a traditional center of Chinese martial arts.

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