How much integrity does O’Reilly have?

Well, I’m about a week late on the whole O’Reilly-Letterman thing, but that’s because, uh, I’ve been uh, drinking. Anyways, if you’ve missed it too, here is the video of the battle. And here’s a piece in People magazine about it. Because People magazine is a publication you can trust. Of course, O’Reilly didn’t get served by Letterman the way he got served by Donahue a few months ago. This one is much more heated. To me, it’s not O’Reilly’s politics that piss me off. It’s his schwarmy “I used to work for Inside Edition so you can trust me” attitude, and that “the louder I scream, the more you can trust me”. Of course that is precisely what makes him and Limbaugh and Hannity (and Jim Rome, for that matter) so succesful.