Rockin From the 2G5 straight into the Double Nil Six, fool

PINK new year.gif
Alright, so I’m running a little late on quizzo write ups this week. Sorry, but the world famous year in review takes a lot of time and dedication. I’m heading out of town tommorrow, so I probably won’t be able to get stories up until Monday. Yeah, I know it’s a bummer, but you’ll be ok. A few other notes: First, there will be a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT next week, so be sure to check back then. Also, I will be hosting a Sports only quizzo on January 9th at Barristers Bar and Grille, (1823 Sansom Street) which should be a blast. I’m returning to my roots, at least for this one time (when I started doing quizzo in 2002 I was doing all sports questions). First prize is a $50 gift certificate. Be sure to vote in the updated poll (lamest celebrity of 2005). In the meantime, I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year, and I look forward to seeing you next year!!!