Johnny gets some love in Boston

12-16-2005 004.jpg
The Trivia Jihad wrote a long, detailed report of their Philly experience, and I think you’ll enjoy reading about it from a foreigner’s point of view. Here is a slice:
Johnny Goodtimes is a real piece of work. For one thing, Johnny G. used to be a dolphin trainer in Hawaii before giving that up and moving to Philadelphia to become that city’s only true man of leisure as well as its best local celebrity. While it is unclear how one determines who is the “best” local celebrity, Johnny’s website suggests that he is just that. Johnny’s game is certainly different from the other quizzoes in terms of how the three rounds are set up. For one thing each round features a random question that is worth double the normal points for questions from that round. Of course, he could just announce, “Hey this is the double point question” but, as Philly’s best local celebrity, there is a certain standard he must uphold. Prior to asking the double point question, he cranks up some old school hip-hop and then, over the music he declares, “Ooooh myyy goodness, looks like question number 6 is the double point question.” Actually, I am not exactly sure what comes after the initial phrase as I am so moved by the “oh my goodness” intro.