It’s a Wonderful Life Stuff

Yeah, it’s my favorite Christmas movie, and yes, I will cry like a newborn when I see it this year. Here’s a few interesting facts about the movie (for example, did you know that it originally ended with “Ode to Joy”, not “Auld Lang Syne”?), and here it is recreated by bunnies in 30 seconds. Here are the technical errors that you can find in the film. Here’s a great review of the film from a couple of years ago. I like the following lines:
I dislike its oversentimentality and hokeyness and find it to offer an unrealistic portrait of a fantasy America that never really existed. Life seems pathetically obvious in its attempts to wring tears out of its audience. On the other hand, I have to admit that the stupid thing works, damn it all to hell! While the movie shamelessly manipulates the audience, it’s hard to feel too angry about it because of the raw jolt of unabashed emotion that it provides; watching Life is like overdosing on some sort of sick sentimentality drug.
Alright, now back to my Christmas shopping!