Get Ready

Cause here comes the man you all know and love, Jerry Blavat, back on the scene. The Geator with the Heater, the Boss with the Hot Sauce is coming to WXPN. According to Dan Gross, “he starts ‘The Geator’s Rock and Roll, Rhythm & Blues Express,’ on WXPN 88.5 on Saturday Jan. 7.” Here’s how he got the name, according to his website:
Geator came from alligator– gator, or geator, depending on your Florida accent. To hear Jerry tell it, ‘a geator would lay in the mud and bother no one unless you came close. Then it would snatch you up.’ That’s how it was with Blavat. Once you dialed by 1310 and caught his act, he snatched you up like an alligator. He was hot, almost too hot. Like a car heater in the dead of winter, he started out warming you but quickly heated you up to the point that you broke out in a sweat. Some felt it was what he said, others claimed it was the way he said it, but for most it was the music, that mesmerizing sound they weren’t hearing on the popular stations.