Don’t Start Feeling too good about yourselves, Philly

So I’m watching Home Makeover last night, just so I could feel blubbery and guilty about how good my life is. There are these kids who have some disease that makes it so they can’t be exposed to sunlight at all, and the cast is gonna fly them to some really cool location. But the kids don’t know where they’re going. So one of these kids who can’t be exposed to sunlight asks the head guy, “Where are we going?” And the guy says, “Philadelphia. I hear it’s really great this time of year.” Then he and the kid begin laughing, because they both know that they are going somewhere a HELL OF A LOT COOLER THAN PHILADELPHIA. Sure enough, they all go to DisneyWorld, which the good people at Disney have opened up at night time, and I cry like a freaking baby through the whole segment. But still, I was pissed. Come on, dude. Dayton or Des Moines would have been funny. But Philly? That’s just cold.