Do Not Visit this Man’s Website!

12-01-2005 005.jpg
Due to his horrid performance in last night’s quizzo (3 teams fininished with scores more than twice as high as his team’s), I am asking that you not visit D-Mac’s website, PhiladelphiaWillDo. There’s just no way you can trust a blogger whose team can only score a 50. With all of the time that you’ll be saving by not checking D-Mac’s website, I highly encourage you to check this one, called Pandora. It’s really awesome. You tell it what kind of music you like, and it finds and plays other stuff that it thinks you might also like. I found it on Blinq. Oh, and the Rant contestdeadline has been extended until Monday. I’ve started getting some pretty good ones, but be sure to get your rant in so you can win those tix to the Adventure Aquarium.