Where to Watch the Game?

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Where should you go tonight to watch the Eagles thoroughly dismantle the Cowboys and move to within one game of the Giants (Hey NY, about that Minnesota loss yesterday: Hahahahahahahahahaha!! No wait, sorry. I’ll stop. I’ll st…hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!)? East of Broad, the answer is pretty simple. O’Neals wins the “Best place to watch the game” every single freaking year. They have great food and drink specials (Tonight: $2 Micros and 1/2 price apps) and that sweet ass flat screen above the bar. But west of Broad, the answer is not quite so simple. The Fox and the Hound? Please. That has to be the worst sports bar ever. EVER!!!! Watching the game at F & H, the most un-Philly place in this city besides Olive Garden, is like watching it at Wal-Mart. Once, when a really great game was on, Trivia Art asked the server if they could turn down the COUNTRY MUSIC that was blaring over the loudspeakers and turn up the volume on the game. He was told, “Corporate says that we have to keep the music on.” Corporate says? To take a line from Scent of a Woman, “I should take a flamethrower to this place!” But there is a new sports bar in town that I tried over the weekend, and came away quite impressed.

The owner of Barristers (1823 Sansom Street) is a JGT quizzo legend, the White Wilt Chamberlain. The bar just opened a little over a week ago, and thought they are still working out the kinks, things seemed to be running smoothly. And though there was certainly a lawyerly crowd that you would expect at a place called Barristers, the place wasn’t stuffy or pretentious. The food is good and reasonably priced, they’ve got good tvs (including a sweet flat screen behind the bar), and they have the NFL ticket. This could finally be the answer to the dearth of sports bars in Center City West. Here are tonight’s food and drink specials:
Free finger food Buffet
$1 off all draft beers
$1 off all well liquor drinks
$3 Appletini shots (Vodka and green apple pucker) for the Eagles
$3 Tequila shots for Cowboys
.25 cent wings