Where Should We have Quizzo Bowl II?

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Well, the first question of Quizzo Bowl II has Been answered, as over 90% of the people who voted in the poll think that Nate Wiley and the Crowd Pleasers should be brought back for Quizzo Bowl II. Now the next question: Where should we hold it? Yes, things went well at World Cafe Live, and they went even better at Beat the Champs, as we fixed all the problems we had at QBI. It’s a beautiful facility. But like the Super Bowl, should we hold this somewhere else each year? I have spoken with the Trocadero about possibly doing it there. A strange idea I had: How about the huge, gawky Chinese restaurant in South Philly? I went there for Dim Sum one time and saw that they have a stage and a ton of room to fit a lot of people. They serve booze, and it could be really goofy and fun. What do you guys think? Please leave comments below as to what you think of these spots or send me an email to johnny@johnnygoodtimes.com, and if you have any other spots that you think would be ideal, PLEASE let me know about them.