This is funny

Came across this strange entry on somebody’s blog. I will buy a beer for anyone who can make sense of it.

Will Bunch got all Johnny Goodtimes with us and asked us to pimp his plans to save the Daily News. Bunch wants to scrap all of DN’s various personalities and replace them with personalities.

Speaking of Johnny Goodtimes, we haven’t forgotten about our weekly raffle. The site is decked out in orange this week because of Halloween, which is sort of lame, Johnny. Really, JG, why make such a big deal over Halloween? Anyways, here’s this week’s raffle winner. And by raffle winner, we mean “post we randomly selected that just happens to be at the top of the page when we wrote this.” You’re behind the curtain, people.

At first, it seems like they are bitter about one of my my raffles. Then it seems like they are having their own raffle. Then, upon further review, it seems like they are trying to make two points about two completely different topics in the same paragraph. Apparently they missed that day in 2nd grade when basic paragraph structure was introduced. By the way, if the gifted writer that wrote it is reading this, it’s JGT, not JG. Sucka.