The conspiracy theories

There are, of course, numerous people who don’t think that Oswald killed Kennedy, and it seems highly suspicious that he was the lone gunman. Here’s a fairly good analysis of the assassination on PBS’s website. Here’s a write up in the Houston Chronicle that’s fairly interesting, presenting a theory I had never heard before:
Perhaps most intriguing is the idea that there was not one Oswald, but two, that long before the shots in Dealey Plaza rang out, a secret organization — maybe the CIA, maybe the KGB, maybe the FBI — had recruited a look-alike to live a life parallel to Oswald’s. Here is a website that tries to dispell many, but not all, of the reasons for doubt. Many people place Jack Ruby as part of the plot to kill the president. Ruby fought to clear his name, but a lot of his comments to the Warren Commission were fairly cryptic. Here a guy tries to defend Ruby, claiming that he was not part of a conspiracy and was simply insane. This is pretty neat: a minute by minute account of Lee Harvey Oswald’s movements and words in the two days between JFK’s death and his own. And of course, everybody likes to talk about the similarities about the Lincoln and Kennedy assassinations.