Owens kicked off of Goodtimes Fantasy Team

Citing irreconcilable differences, the Nassawadox Nasties, headed by GM Johnny Goodtimes, have suspended Terrell Owens for the remainder of the fantasy season. “It was not an easy decision. Let’s face it. Deion Branch (Terrell’s backup) does not put up nearly as good fantasy numbers as Terrell,” said a weary Goodtimes. “But TO was a cancer in the fantasy locker room.” In August, TO had insinuated that Nasty quarterback Micahel Vick wasn’t a winner, and that the team would have been better off with backup Brett Favre (a theory that has been disproven by Favre’s horrible fantasy numbers the past few few weeks since he took over for Vick.) The Nasties, who are 4-5 on the season, entered the year looking unstoppable on paper, with RB’s Holmes and Barber and WR’s Owens and Moss. But the QB position has been an issue, and Moss and Holmes have been fighting injuries all year. “This really blows the big one,” added the respected General Manager, who was almost killed by a flying pumpkin on Saturday (that story coming Tuesday.)