IT’s the Bomb

In case you missed it, last week our boy G-Dubs spoke with Tony Blair about the possibility of blowing up al-jazeera, the Middle Eastern television station. Anyways, several reporters at Al-Jazeera started a blog called Don’t Bomb Us, and are now asking people to promise to publish the memo if it is released. Is it just me, or does Bush have to be more careful who is allowed in the room when he and Blair have secret meetings to discuss killing people? Geez, this is the 2nd leaked memo out of England in the last seven months! Also, here is an interesting paragraph from the Don’t Bomb Us blog:
[Al-Jazeera has] never shown beheadings, referred to American forces as “the enemy”, and waited until US networks showed the Bin Laden video before they aired it themselves. Such are urban myths, spread to good effect by certain, otherwise respectable news outlets. And this is despite their offices in Kabul and Baghdad being bombed by American forces in unfortunate “accidents”, a number of Al Jazeera reporters dying in “accidental” US attacks, virtually every member of the Jazeera Baghdad bureau having been arrested by US forces at some stage or other, and at least two Jazeera workers imprisoned for reasons unknown in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay.