happy Birfdays

11-16-2005 002 (Custom).jpg
First off, a Happy birthday to Kieran (above, right), who played last night at O’Neals. Also wanna a wish a happy b-day to finger cymbal specialist Spanky Mottola (below), who celebrates his today.
11-16-2005 004 (Custom).jpg

Thirdly, I want to wish a Happy Birthday to the girl below. She actually had her birthday back in early October, and I thought I posted her pic. I didn’t, and was told that I am an a****** when I ran into her at Barrister’s the other night. Fair enough, the dressing down was well deserved.
10-05-2005 004.jpg

Finally, I wanna wish a happy big day to Harriet, a tortoise that celebrated it’s 175th birthday on Tuesday. Officials say that it’s the 2nd oldest living creature on earth (Ern is 183).