Contest Time!!!

Alright, the holiday is over, and you are back at work. You just had a number of awkward family moments, you ate too much, you made out with somebody completely inapproriate, and now you’ve returned to the salt mines. You really feel like ranting, but you don’t really have anybody to rant to. Well, now you do. Send me your angriest/funniest rant about anything (your job, your family, your holiday, the president, the Eagles, your boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.) You can even leave a codename if you like, so you won’t be found out. And you can make it as long as you want, from a sentence to a short story. Send your rant to I’ll be posting the best ones, and the most excellent one gets two passes to the Adventure Aquarium in historic Camden and 2nd place gets a $15 gift certificate to the Good Dog! Contest ends Friday. Also, tune in later today. I just got the latest issue of Philadelphia magazine, and I feel like bashing it. But first I need to get a cup of coffee.