A sudden change of heart

This from Dan Gross:
Philadephia Soul partner and Ritz-Carlton owner Craig Spencer and wife B.J.rented Chickie’s & Pete’s (15th & Packer) two Saturdays ago for a lavish Bat Mitzvah party for daughter Taylor. Among those in attendance were Gov. Rendell and Eagles Reno Mahe, Jason Short and Stephen Spach. Q102’s Chio was the DJ. Southern-rock band Ingram Hill, from Tennessee, played too. The guest of honor arrived on a motorcycle. A mechanical bull was set up outside.
OK, at first glance, this seems like one of those ridiculous rich teenager parties that they show on MTV and you watch just in the sick, sick hope that the dance floor somehow catches on fire and horror ensues. But then the last sentence changed everything. “A mechanical bull was set up outside.” What? All of a sudden, I kind of like this Spencer guy. Sure, he’s loaded, but at least he’s spending some of that hard-earned money on a mechanical bull. I’m telling you, mechanical bulls change everything.