Vote for your favorite Broadway play title!

There is sure to be some controversy, but Johnny has picked his favorite bad Broadway play titles, and now is time to vote for the one you think is worst! The one that wins gets two free tickets to the Philadelphia Theatre Company’s production of Adrift in Macao. To vote, just scroll down until you see the poll on the right hand side of the page.

Entry #1: Jeff
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Planned Parenthood

Entry #2: Jerry
FEMA: The Musical

Entry #3: Gary
Peeps!!! The Multicolor Marshmellow Musical!

Entry #4: Terri

Entry #5: Tamin
Pedal Like You Mean It

Entry #6: Jeanne
Kitties in Heat

Entry #7: Miriam
Let’s Take a Pole! The zany musical about the first Polish Pope!

Entry #8: Eric
Moustache Rides: The Erotic Journey of Joseph Stalin

Entry #9: Art
Saved by the Bell: The Musical

Entry #10: Larry