Tonight’s Da Night

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Last night I spoke with Jam Master Sean (aka C. Urbanus), who is running the First Anunal Keystone Classic, which I will be hosting tonight at Whiskey Dix (421 North 7th Street, 1/2 block north of Callowhill), . Here were his thoughts heading into this historic Rock, Paper, Scissors event.

Johnny: Let’s talk to the first timers out there. What kind of mindset do have to be in going into your first match?

JMS: I always say that the first tournament is a learning experience. You have to go in, see what it’s like, and play against the professionals. If you can make it a couple of rounds, you’ve done pretty well. You’re going to be going up against some of the top players in the region, if not the country. The bright lights may distract you. There will be lots of press there, lots of media, the lights will be shining down on you, (He’s serious, btw, the Learning Channel and KYW are both expected to be there.) and that’s kind of unnerving.

Johnny: What attitude do you thinks works better for a first timer? Do you think going in with a sort of respectful, demure attitude works or do you think coming in with a little attitude is the way to work it for a first timer?

JMS: You need to be a little cocky. You might want to wear some sort of fanciful costume to distract them even further. Because if you can distract your opponent, that’s the best edge you can get.

Johnny: Is the game more physical or more mental?

JMS: The game’s always more mental. If you are going up against someone who doesn’t know who you are, you need to constantly remind them. You have to say, “It’s a pleasure to play you. I’m C. Urbanus, you may have heard of me. The creator of the Urbanus defense.”

Johnny: What about hot babes? Do you think hot babes are good at this kind of sport or is this the kind of thing hot babes should steer away from?

JMS: Hot babes are excellent at this sport. I’ve seen it happen, in 2002 in particular. Someone who called themself Horse of the Fist, who made it to the final 16, only losing to Master Pete Lovering that year. She actually used a technique where whe wore low rider jeans with her lacy panties kind of sticking out, adn a low cut shirt as well. She was a hot babe, and people had to take notice that they were playing a hot babe.

Johnny: Interesting. Would you classify rock, paper, scissors participants as athletes?

JMS: Well yeah. Of course I would. I mean it’s just like you would classify-

Johnny: NASCAR?

JMS: NASCAR not so much. Well, I guess NASCAR is mental, too. You know, knowing when to stop for-

Johnny: Gas.

JMS: Yeah, gas. We in the RPS community aren’t too fond of NASCAR as a sport.

Johnny: Is RPS kind of a Northeastern thing?

JMS: Well, it’s also big on the West Coast, where you get more people who came over from Japan or China or stuff like that.

Johnny: The Chinese actually invented paper. Do you think that has something to do with it?

JMS: It could. But it’s more because if you go to Japan, they use RPS to settle things regularly.

Johnny: People in the South talk slow. Do they play a slower game?

JMS: No. But you kind of have to play RPS with a chip on your shoulder and Southerners are far too nice. It’s an attitude driven sport, and if you go in there as Mr. Nice Guy, you’re not going to get too far.