The All-White and All-Black Teams

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Last night, before Game Four of the World Series, the All-Latino team was announced. It featured players such as Roberto Clemente, A-Rod, and Fernando Valenzuela, among other undoubtedly great players. Am I the only one who thinks it’s kind of strange, though, to be singling out a race and mentioning their great contributions in a sport that is truly integrated? Or is it fair, because they are honoring players from certain countries more than of a certain race? I understand honoring former Negro Leaguers who never had a chance to play in the bigs. But the great thing about sports in the modern era is that they are the great equalizer, and that the greatest, regardless of skin color, are honored accordingly. Why seperate them according to race? Would it be found to be insulting if we honored an all-black team or an all-white team? Well, let’s find out. Below I have listed my all-black team, followed by my all-white team (I’ve got to admit, while I don’t think that specific races should be honored by the MLB, it was a lot of fun coming up with my lists). Third is the all-latino team that was honored last night (They included relief pitcher, which I did not, since I don’t think that position deserves the honor of being given equal status with the other positions). Please let me know which selections you disagree with.

Catcher: Josh Gibson
Pitchers: 1. Bob Gibson 2. Satchel Paige 3. Don Newcombe
1st Base: Eddie Murray
2nd Base: Joe Morgan
3rd Base: Jackie Robinson*
Short Stop: Ernie Banks
Outfielders (3, Regardless of position): Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Barry Bonds

*Yes, I am aware that Jackie Robinson played the majority of his career at 2nd. However, he also played over 350 games at third. There was no third black third baseman I could think of that approached his career, while at 2nd, the battle between he and Joe Morgan was a toss up, though I probably would have given the edge to Number 42. Also, seems a shame not to get Frank Robinson on this list, but there is just no way I can list him above any of those three outfielders.
Catcher: Carlton Fisk
Pitchers: 1. Walter Johnson 2. Roger Clemens 3. Christy Mathewson
1st Base: Lou Gehrig
2nd Base: Rogers Hornsby
3rd Base: Mike Schmidt
Short Stop: Honus Wagner
Outfield (3, regardless of postiion): Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Ty Cobb
Catcher: Ivan Rodriguez
Starting Pitchers: Pedro Martinez, Juan Marichal, Fernando Valenzuela
Relief Pitcher: Mariano Rivera
1st Base: Albert Pujols
2nd Base: Rod Carew
3rd Base: Edgar Martinez
Shortstop: A-Rod
Outfield: Roberto Clemente, Manny Ramirez, Vlad Guerrero