More Rocky VI stuff

The “bad guy” in the upcoming Rocky movie will be named Mason “The Line” Dixon. Apollo Creed? Great name. Clubber Lang? Not bad. Mason “The Line” Dixon? Huh? Was the name International “The Date” Line already taken? If they were looking for names of events of the 1750’s, did they consider the name Frenchie “And Indian” Warr? Did Stallone want to pay tribute to his favorite 18th century surveyors? If you want to learn more about the Mason-Dixon line, click here. Actually, don’t. Let’s not kid ourselves. Nobody cares about the Mason Dixon Line. Also, it’s believed that producers are negotiating with boxer Antonio Tarver to play Dixon. If there’s one thing that we learned from Rocky V, it’s that boxers automatically make great actors. Tommy Morrison’s acclaimed film career (2 Oscars, multiple leading man roles) got it’s start in Rocky V.