Couple of things about this week

First of all, I am gonna ask that everybody just play once this week. There’s only but so much s*** I can ask about Halloween. Secondly, if you have a spooky or Halloween appropriate tune you want heard this week, click here and let me know what it is. Also, I am starting to get things organized for Quizzo Bowl II. Help me out. I will be doing polls, such as the one at right (scroll down a little), to see what you guys want to see at QB II, and where you want it held. Help a brotha out. Finally, I have come across a couple of funny Halloween things to share. This comes from wikipedia: “Teenagers and adults instead celebrate Halloween with costume parties, staying at home to give out candy, listening to halloween music, scaring people half to death, or other social get togethers.” Not only is the sentence structure extremely awkward, but if you use the phrase “Scare people half to death”, aren’t you required to say that with a southern accent? As in “You skkurred me hayalf to deyeth.” Oh, and the National Retail Federation says that the 19th most popular adult costume this year will be “pimp”. I’m not kidding.