Tell Bush to Save the animals

Here’s a recent announcement I received from the Humane Society. Now that they’ve gotten the humans out, the Humane Society wants them to concentrate on the animals. You can help. The White House # is only useful during the week, and Rummie’s mailbox is full, but you can get through to the # for Governor Blanco and Homeland Security today.

Please call or email President Bush and other officials
today and urge them to help us before it’s too late.

Time is running out for these animals. Every hour that passes
means more pets, locked behind closed doors in the disaster
zone, will die of starvation. Our teams are working as hard as
they can to reach as many pets as they can – and as we reported
to you on Wednesday, we’ve rescued thousands. But there are
thousands more.

At this 11th hour, when so many lives are at stake, we are
asking you to help. I urge you to contact these government
officials today and ask them to help rescue animals before it is
too late.