Phillies Is Playin’ With My Emotions

09-12-05 004.jpg
Damn, Smokey! Last Wednesday night, after that devastating loss to the Astros, I jumped up and down and screamed and cursed, and I swore, I swore that I was not going to follow this good for nothing hack loser team anymore. After a victory on Friday night, I went back on my word and attended Saturday night’s game. We blew a 6-4 lead in the seventh inning and lost by one. “That’s it! This time I mean it! I’m done! Finished! Mark my words! Everyone here mark my words! They are as good as gold. I will not follow the Phillies anymore this season!” And yet, there I was, at the Black Sheep last night, jumping up and down when Ramon Martinez hit that grand slam, then asking the question, “Who in the hell is Ramon Martinez?” I guess the point of this story is that you should never take me at my word. Tell me via the poll whether or not you think the Phils are gonna make the playoffs.