Johnny Defends Philly Mag Article

Not since the ACLU came to the side of Rush Limbaugh in his pill-popping case have we seen anything like this: Johnny Goodtimes is defending a writer for Philly mag who is under fire from all fronts. Noel Weyrich wrote the only interesting article in the most recent episode of Philly mag, one about the disappearance of local girl LaToyia Figueroa, and now he’s getting blasted for it. It seems that the people bashing him, such as Will Bunch at Attytood, get caught up in the personal attacks on bloggers and miss the real point.

Which is, I believe, that these stories, as tragic as many of them are, don’t matter to people outside of the family and friends of the disappeared, but cable news makes them matter if they fit into a certain disgusting formula. Figueroa didn’t fit into that formula, so her story didn’t make the news until some blogger started bitching that black people never get to be included in these stupid f****** stories about disappearing hot women. So the media obliged, and made it a national news story so that they wouldn’t seem racist. I mean, the whole thing is unbelievably ridiculous, since these stories are really non-newsworthy to people outside of the friends and family of these victims. Did Scott kill Laci? I could really give a s***. I mean, I’m sorry, but young people die every day in Philadelphia. That should be my main concern. Why am I going to shed more tears for a mom in California? Because she’s hot? Because her story is being exploited by Nancy Grace (who is more evil than either Idi Amin or PGW)?

I guess my point is that there are many examples of racial inequality in America that desperately need to be worked on. The least of these problems is that hot black women don’t fit into the “cunning exploitation of tragedy for lurid amusement” as readily as hot white women do.

Philebrity has a different take on things. They just think that Weyrich is a jerk, and don’t really care about the article.