Farrakhan tries to Out-Ignorance Robertson!

In a stunning maneuver, Louis Farrakhan decided to take the title of “Stupidest and most ignorant minister going” from Pat Robertson, something that only last week seemed humanly impossible. Farrakhan said that the hurricane in New Orleans was God’s way at getting back at us for attacking Iraq. Uh, Louis, don’t you thing that if God wanted to get back at us for attacking Iraq, he would have pegged Washington, not New Orleans? Yeah, I’m sure God was up there thinking, “Oh, so you’re gonna attack Iraq, huh? Well watch as I destroy Deuce McCallister’s hometown! That’ll teach ya!” Some people say that this hurricane is a sign of the apocalypse. I say that Louis Farrakhan sounding like Jerry Falwell is a sign of the apocalypse.

Also, am I the only one who notices all of these Southern politicians seem to be tripping over themselves to be on CNN, but that nobody seems to be taking a leadership role? You can’t go five minutes without hearing from another governor or Senator from down there. Don’t they have better things to do right now than chat with CNN for an hour at a time?

Finally, in regard to the looters. The food and water, I completely understand. The clothes, though wrong, at least makes sense. But I’ve seen some idiots come out of stores with televisions! What in the hell are you gonna do with a television? You are not going to have electricity for months. Where are you going to store your new 32″ TV until then, the roof? I mean, if you’re stealing a TV, I really hope you’re also stealing a generator.