Write angry letter, win $40 cash

Well, Philadelphia Magazine came out with it’s latest edition, and the winner of best quizzo went to…are you ready for this…NOBODY! Yet again, Philadelphia magazine has insulted Center City by neglecting to include one of it’s favorite pasttimes. While they were able to cover such favorite Philadelphian pasttimes as “Books About Meat”, “Cocktail Waiter at a Stephen Starr Restaurant”, and “Best Pooper Scooper Service”, quizzo is apparently not quite as popular as dogs***. And to add insult to injury, the best place to indulge your inner nerd was a scrabble club. As you might imagine I am so incensed that I am just giving away money. Whoever writes the best (sarcastic/funny/creative) letter to the editor of Philadelphia Magazine about the exclusion of quizzo in their “best of” edition will win $40 cash. (I’ve had some trouble with the message going thru. If you do too, just email editor larry Platt at lplatt@phillymag.com). Nothing threatening or personal. Well, nothing personal about the editor. If you want to write something personal about the magazine, go right ahead. Just write the email to them, and send me (johnny@johnnygoodtimes.com) a copy of what you have written. All entries must be written by August 12th. I will post the best ones on the website, and the one I like the best will get the $40 cash. No, you do not have to be identified by your full name.