Ozz and Ends

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Iron Maiden’s pissed off at Ozzy Osbourne, because fans and staff at OzzFest threw things at them, then Ozzy’s wife chewed them out on stage. Wha????????? Uh, yeah. You know a heavy metal band is getting old when they start crying about being hit by eggs. Eggs? I mean, didn’t Iggy Pop used to roll thru broken glass? A real heavy metal band would have encouraged more egg throwing, then smashed all of the electronic equipment as well as their instruments, and then set the entire stage on fire while invoking the name of Satan. They would not have responded with a little note on their webpage (click on the press release to the right). A webpage? A real heavy metal band doesn’t communicate to it’s fans through a freaking webpage! A real heavy metal band communicates to it’s fans only through deviant sexual acts and kick-ass power chords.