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I don’t know how much fun you guys had last night, but if it was half as much as I did, then you had a pretty damn good time. The Lunchbox Cowgirls were a great opener, the Breakdancers were absolutely ELECTRIC, and the steel drum band was simply awesome. And let’d not kid ourselves. I rapped my ass off. The judging went a lot smoother than last time. The actual quizzo was barely longer than a regular quizzo, lasting about two hours. And most importantly, there was no bellydancing! Be sure to vote for your favorite part of the night on the poll over on the right side of the page.

The Sofa Kingdom proved to be Kings of Geekdom, as they knocked off 25 other teams for the grand prize of $300 cash. It was sweet justice for the Kingdom, who were the only team to earn the full ten points for the scavenger hunt before I announced that you could score eight points just for registering earlier. The Kingdom, who finished second at Quizzo Bowl I, held off the Waverly Street Bloodhounds, 137-132. 1022 finished third, with a score of 129. The Cracked Eggheads finished fourth with 124. The Champs, who were trying to dig out from an 8-10 point hole all night, finished an impressive fifth with a score of 121. I will have a list of everybody’s scores and many more photos on the site later in the day (I gotta take the props back first).

There were a number of surprises throughout the night, including my “impossible pants” and my sister rapping. But the biggest surprise, of course, was that a room filled with so many white people was able to clap in unison during the breakdancing segment.

Finally, I want to say thanks to everybody that came out last night. Over the past few years, we’ve developed a unique community, and I’m very thankful of the support you guys have given me. It meant a lot to me that so many of you represented on a Sunday night in August. I had an absolutely incredible time. I hope you did as well. I’m already getting excited about Quizzo Bowl II!