As you all know, there is a scavenger hunt portion of Beat the Champs. I have decided to add a few things that you can do to earn points. I think you’re going to like the first one. Earn eight of the ten possible points simply by buying your ticket before August 28th!!! That’s right. All you have to do is buy your ticket in advance, and I’m gonna give you an 8 point lead over the Champs (send me an email letting me know you already bought your tickets to either or Then, if you complete just a couple more things, I’ll give you 10 points heading into your meeting with the fiercest quizzo team ever to lace ’em up. Here’s a few more ways you can earn some points.

Write a letter to the editor of Philly magazine: 1 point
Yes, I know that some people have already written their letters. If those people send me an email telling me what team they will be playing on, I will give them their point. If you haven’t already sent in a letter, do so now. If you do it by this Sunday, you will also be eligible to win $50 cash.

Take a picture of Marky Mark or M. Night Shymalan in Philly: 1 point
Get your picture taken with Marky Mark or M. Night: 2 points
Ticket stub or receipt from World Cafe Live: .5 points
Leave a message on the message board: .5 points
(just be sure to let me know what team you play for when you leave the message.)
Send Johnny some of your favorite photos you’ve taken of Philadelphia .5 points
Adventure Aquarium ticket .5 points
zoo balloon ticket .5 points
Ticket to Walt Whitman’s house .5 points
ticket to Poe house .5 points
(if some of these places don’t give actual tickets, just get me a receipt)