odds and ends

07-07-2005 003.jpg
This was written into the comments section by Dirty Sanchez under last week’s Locust Rendezvous story. Looks like we have a rivalry forming. “Jams might want to think about finding a different bar to do Quizzo in if they want to keep winning: Unlawful Presence is in the house and we’re holding on to the title. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. And once Jams leaves, you’ll be singing Bananarama: “Cause it’s a cruel, cruel, cruel summer. Now you’re gone. Leaving me here on my own.”

Also, this gives me a chance to post this comment about Toby Keith, just in case anybody missed it. This came from anonymous after I wished Toby a happy birthday and said that I hoped he would jump off a cliff. “To be fair, Toby ‘I’m such a dumb f**k that all I can do is spout half rhyming platitudes about ol glory while forgetting what it actually stands for and by the way how about my counrty fag mullet’ Keith should drive off a cliff in his new, freedom loving (except for the oil it consumes, thereby supporting our enemies- wow, freedom is complicated, huh you big Jackass?) ford oil guzzler. Then I’d be happy. But not jumping, that’s for freedom haters. I hope he chokes on his.”

And the picture above is of a guy who played at O’Neals a few weeks ago. The first ever JGT Quizzo Spectacular participant with gold teeth. Finally, be sure to pick up a copy of tommorrow’s City Paper. There’s an article by Johnny Goodtimes inside.