Is T.O. wrong?

Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star doesn’t think so. He thinks the NFL is wrong for not paying it’s players enough. A few thoughts about this topic: A) who cares? I mean, seriously, big name players hold out every single year. I’m sure TO has kept himself in shape and will be back on the field for week #1. B) TO’s right. He does deserve more money. And if he had handled this the right way, he’d probably get more. But since he’s an idiot and his agent is a snake who I hope is riding in a car with Toby Keith that plunges over the side of a cliff, he’s practically forced the Eagles to not give him more money. C) In the book of what not to do, how about rule #1: insult your Pro Bowl quarterback. Rule #2: Talk about the fact that your family is starving. Rule #3: Pull above stunts in Philadelphia. D) I can’t believe I’m freaking discussing this, since it is the most played-out topic in the history of the world. I’m disgusted with myself.